Regarded as one of the most significant cultural venues in Madrid, Rialto Theater is the oldest surviving theater on Gran Via Street. After its renovation in 2005, the theater has continued its strong historical connection with musicals, beginning with full-house shows of American musical films in the 1930s to hosting grand openings of some of the most well-known musical productions in the center of the Spanish capital. The theater now hosts a variety of performances ranging from musical and non-musical plays, to live music and illusionists.

1000 Seats


Air Conditioning


Wheelchair Accessible


About Rialto Theater

Seating plan
Popular productions
  • The grand theatre comfortably seats over 1000 patrons, in three sections.
  • A massive orchestra floor or Stalls at the ground level seat approximately 504 patrons, with seats arranged at eye level with the stage and providing the most preferred view of the performers. 
  • The mezzanine is the first elevated seating area, also called the club, and offers a comprehensive, broad view of the stage with 272 seats.
  • Amphitheater seats at the highest level seat 251 patrons, offering a private but expansive view of the performers. The tall height facilitates an angled but unobstructed sightline.

Know before you go

Getting there
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  • Address: Gran Vía, 54, Centro, 28013 Madrid, Spain
  • Bus: Stops close to Gran Via are easily accessible through several EMT lines including 1, 2, 46, 7, 146, N18, N19, N20, and N21.
  • Metro: The nearest subway stations, Santa Domingo, Callao, and Spain Square, are serviced by 3, 10, 5, and 2 lines, all a short distance from the theater.
  • Bike: Several Madrid Bike docking stations, the closest being Plaza de España and Plaza del Callao, are available nearby for locals or tourists staying close to the street.
  • Train: Sol is the closest station a short walk from the venue, which serves as a stop for several trains like C3 and C4. 
  • Recommended route: Metro is the cheapest and most reliable method to reach the theater.

Frequently asked questions about Rialto Theater

How old is the Rialto Theater?

Although the cinema hall was opened in 1930, the current theater space has been functional since 2005.

When was the Rialto cinema converted to a theater?

The Rialto Cinema was renovated as a theater space between 2002-2005.

Where is the Rialto Theater?

The theater is situated near Spain Square, on Gran Via Street in Madrid.

What is the seating capacity of the Rialto Theater?

Divided into 3 sections, the theater comfortably seats more than 1000 patrons.

How do I reach the theater?

Bus and Metro are both convenient options to get to the theater. If you're staying close to the venue, you can also use the public bike rentals to reach the venue.

Is there a dress code for this theater?

No, patrons are welcome to choose clothing as per the weather or their personal style.

Are photos allowed inside the theater?

Photography and videography are discouraged inside the theater during performances.

Is there any age limit?

Depending on the production and content, different shows may have a specified age limit. Please check the same on the show’s information page before proceeding with bookings.

How is the view from the amphitheater?

Seats in the amphitheater offer a panoramic view of the stage from a slightly angled perspective.